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HowStuffWorks "Chigger Bites"

Chigger bites itch because of an allergic reaction to the chigger\'s saliva. Find out other reasons why chigger bites itch and learn how to treat chigger bites.

Arachnid Image Gallery
What are chiggers and how do they bite?: Arachnids: Animal Planet

What are chiggers, and do they bite you or burrow under your skin? How do they work?

Chigger Bites for Sandal Lovers
Pest Control Chiggers

Pest Control Super Site is Free: How to get rid of home and garden pests...FREE or without spending a fortune.

What to do if you meet a... -

I know that there are many animals in the outdoors that are kind and cuddly. There are also some that you'd rather not meet.

HowStuffWorks "Chigger Anatomy"

Chigger anatomy is similar to other members of the arachnid family, such as ticks and spiders. Learn about chigger anatomy and the chigger life cycle.

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